The purpose of this event is to grow the new generation of strong dancers, promote street dancing in Lithuania and abroad. We seek to involve young generation into this kind of free-time activity and make it their lifestyle as a positive and creative environment, therefore dancers in this competiotion are competing in dfferent age (kids, juniors, adults) and level of experience (beginners, advanced, pro) categories. Join us!

Competition starts in:

2018/05/12 12:00:00



08:00-10:00 Registration

9:00 - 10:30 Beginners rehearsal on stage

12:00 Competition starts (11:30 doors opening)

12:15 Kids Beginners

13:00 Kids Advanced

13:15 Juniors Beginners

14:10 Juniors Advanced

14:40 Adults Beginners

15:15 Adults Advanced

15:45 PRO category

16:00 Battles 5vs5 preselection (show/demo)

16:50 Battles 5vs5 (quarterfinals & finals)

17:30 Awards

18:00 Finish

Judges, hosts and dj'ais


Ousman Bin Al Hajj Omar Conteh also kown as P-Soul, born and raised in Germany is the cofounder of the movement WESAVEHIPHOP and also founder of the Urban Dance Crew „1st Cut“. Right now he is succesfully traveling with his crew for Battles and Show Competitions, teaching around 250 students, giving workshops all over the world, spreading the wesavehiphop movement with his own brand and working as event manager.

P-Soul (GER)


DAT BOI TROY representing INDAHOUSE / KONOHA CREW is a professional dancer that specialises in House dance and floor movement. He has graduated from a Russian ballet school and still continues to practice his ballet art. Troy Boi can also dance locking, breaking, hip hop, jazz, contemporary and physical theatre. He has recently been one of the finalist in this year’s Juste Debout Paris (Top8)

Troy Boi (UK)


Aga Morko is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Poland. She also works as a lecturer of Dancehall subject at the school for a future dance teachers. During her dancing career she was doing Hip -Hop and Jazz also but when she discovered Dancehall she fell in love in it for the fullest. Since 2012 she is improving her dancing skills in Jamaica studing Dancehall as a culture. As a dancer Aga was working for artists such as:RDX ,Mr Vegas, Kalado, Capelton, Macka Diamond, Keeprich and many more.



Ernestas Bogdanovas, a.k.a MC Beep, is hosting biggest and strongest events in Lithuania.He is the orgranizer of Beat box battle, rapper and producer. Host of radio show “Pora žodžių”

Mc Beep (LT)


Dainius Žebrauskas a.k.a Skruzdėliukas, is hosting Rise Up for many years now. He is charismatic and energetic host – a big part of an interesting event. Dainius is a well-known person in Lithuanian street-dance scene.

Mc Skruzdėliukas (LT)


Dj 4Clover is resident dj of many street dance events and competitions in Lithuania. Play all styles street dance music for dancers. Give him music on USB device in MP3 format as soon as you come to competition. File name – crew name.

Dj 4Clover (LT)


Fun facts

Different categories
Dancers participated


Riseup 13 of May 2017

This time it will be the eighth „RISE UP“ and it will be held on May 13. It‘s street dance show and „All styles“ battle competition, where beginners and advanced dancers compete in different categories.

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