The purpose of this event is to grow the new generation of strong dancers, promote street dancing in Lithuania and abroad. We seek to involve young generation into this kind of free-time activity and make it their lifestyle as a positive and creative environment, therefore dancers in this competiotion are competing in dfferent age (kids, juniors, adults) and level of experience (beginners, advanced, pro) categories. Join us!

Competition starts in (16 of may):

2020/05/16 08:00:00



08:00-10:00 Registration

9:00 - 10:30 Beginners rehearsal on stage

12:00 Competition starts (11:30 doors opening)

12:15 Kids Beginners

12:45 Kids Advanced

13:30 Juniors Beginners

14:45 Juniors Advanced

15:45 Adults Beginners

16:10 Adults Advanced

17:10 PRO category

17:30 Battles 5vs5 preselection (show/demo)

17:55 Battles 5vs5 (quarterfinals & finals)

18:15 Awards

18:45 Finish

Judges, hosts and dj's - Information Soon!

Fun facts

Different categories
Dancers participated


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