Rise UP 2020 | Street dance shows and battles

Because of this difficult situation in the world sadly this year we won’t meet up on rise up event’s stage but we cannot wait for the next year’s event to meet you all!🙏 The event will happen in 2021, may 15th – more about the event RISEUP.lt! Stay at home home & stay healthy!❤️

This year RISE UP awaits you on May 16th! Street Dance Shows and All Styles battles in which beginners and advanced dancers competes in different categories 🔥🔥🔥

🥇🥈🥉All show categories participants will be awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place diplomas and original trophies!

💰1st place winner ir PRO category will get 500 eur prize

💰1st place winner in 5vs5 Battle category will get 1000 eur (before battles, teams have to show their demo during preselections)!

🔸Show categories🔸

”Kids Beginners” (age up to 11y., dancing less than 1 year)
”Kids Advanced” (age up to 11y., dancing more than 1 year)
“Junior Beginners” (age from 11 to 15y., dancing less than 1 year)
“Junior Advanced” (age from 11 to 15y., dancing more than 1 year)
“Adults Beginners” (age over 16y., dancing less than 1 year)
“Adults Advanced”(age over 16y., dancing more than 1 year)
“PRO” (dancing more than 3 years, no age limit) 500eur prize for the 1st place!!!


“Battles 5vs5” (no age or dance experience limit) (after show preselection will battle for 1000 Eu prize)

🔹Ruslan Twist (RU)
🔹Wilczkowska Maria Anna (PL)
🔹Andžej An-Juicy (LV)
🔹Teo Eduard Tido (EE)
🔹Candy Man RedRibbon (CD)

🔸Dj and hosts🔸
🔹DJ – Dj Sergucci (LV)
🔹Host – Ernestas Bogdanov (Beep) (LT)


🔸Participation fee🔸

15 eur participant fee when register before May 11th (edited). Dance crew should have at least 3 dancers, “PRO” category can be from 1 to unlimited number of dancers. In “Battles 5vs5” category must be 5 dancers minimum, maximum – 10 dancers (all have to dance in the showcase).

🔸Tickets for spectators🔸

Information soon

🔸Facebook event🔸

👉All the rules, information, photos and videos from previous events, registration form is here

😎We kindly invite you to register and participate! Also inform your friends about this competition! Thank you!

🔸Street dance workshops with judges🔸

Information soon


Information soon

🔸Competition venue🔸
Vilnius Palace of Culture, Entertainment and Sports, Žirmūnų g. 1E, Vilnius