Categories & prizes


There will be four street dancers categories divided according to their experience and age.
Street dance show:

Street dance show:
• ”Kids Beginners” (age up to 11y., dancing less than 1 year)
• ”Kids Advanced” (age up to 11y., dancing more than 1 year)
• “Junior Beginners” (age from 11 to 15y., dancing less than 1 year)
• “Junior Advanced” (age from 11 to 15y., dancing more than 1 year)
• “Adults Beginners” (age over 16y., dancing less than 1 year)
• “Adults Advanced”(age over 16y., dancing more than 1 year)
• “PRO” (dancing more than 3 years, no age limit) (1st place get 500 Eu prize)
• ”Battles 5vs5″ (no age or dance experience limit) (after show preselection will battle for 1000 Eu prize)


No age limit for individual participants, but 80-90% of the group must fit in the required age group in order to compete in a particular category. For example: category – „Junior Beginners (age up to 15 years, dancing less than 1 year), a group consists of 10 dancers, almost all of them are 15 years old or younger, but 1-2 dancers are older than 15 years.
80-90% of particular group dancers must have been training for required training period. For example: category „Junior Beginners“ (age up to 15 years, dancing less than 1 year), a group consists of 10 dancers, almost all of the them have been training for 1 year or less, but 1-2 dancers have been training for a little longer than 1 year.
It is strictly forbidden for dance teachers of the beginners groups to dance in compositions. Dance crew should have at least 3 dancers, in any unexpected case contact the organizers. “PRO” category can be even 1 to unlimited number of dancers. In “Battles 5vs5” category must be 5 dancers minimum, maximum – 10 dancers (all have to dance in the showcase). Stage size 8x8m.


Street dance show:
Duration of performance: 2,5 – 3,5 minutes. (Music give to dj right after registration on venue, have it on USB, mp3 format, quality 192 Kbps and more)
It is forbidden to use any decorations in a dance composition, such as.: Tables, chairs, benches, balloons, confetti, etc.
You can use one style or several styles and techniques of street dance in a composition (Hip Hop, House, Popping, Locking, Krump, Breaking, Waacking, Vogue, Dancehall, etc.). Also there can be some elements of other dance styles (modern, ballet, etc.), but their duration can not exceed 15% of performance time.
Team can not leave their stuff on the stage after performance. The same showcase can’t participate in two or more categories, you need to prepare two different showcases or choose one category.
In “Battles 5vs5” category judges will decide, which 8 teams will pass to the battles.

In “Battle 5vs5” category DJ will play Hip-Hop, House, Popping, Funk (All styles) music, duration of each battle – ~7-10 min. Team must consist of 5-10 dancers. There will be 1 winner team in „Battles 5vs5″ category.


Dance studio or team can participate in all the categories, but with different dancers and compositions.
To participate in “Rise Up” you need to complete registration form in until it closes by providing accurate information as indicated.
All additional information will be sent personally when registration form is filled.
It is forbidden to perform drunk or stoned.
If one of these rules will be violated, team will be disqualified.


Entry fee you can check on registration page. Dancer pay only once, what ever categories they participate.

Entry fee can be paid in cash on the day of event or in advance by bank transfer.


Participants will be judged by an international jury consisting of professional choreographers and dancers.
Performances will be rated by giving points for each of the criteria, for example.: synchronicity, the completeness of choreography, artistry, technique, show elements etc.
All participants of “Rise Up: Summer Challenge” will get letter of thanks.
Winners of all categories will be awarded, will get diplomas and presents from sponsors (For I, II, III place teams get trophies made special for this event.
There will be winners of I, II and III places in each show category. In “Battles 5vs5” category there will be only one winner. First place of “Battles” and “PRO” categories will get money prizes (scroll up)

ORGANISATION AND CONTACTS, tel. +37067390267 (I-IV 11:00-21:00),